It’s pretty easy to blame the girls in the big fluffy dresses

And to pin them down as a bunch of hot messes

A cheap shot at fake eyelashes and hair-sprayed manes

An excuse for you to remain just the same

Because you’re not the problem

It’s them, you say  

Perpetuating stereotypes of femininity that should not be here to stay

They’re teaching our girls that the prettiest one wins

But let’s stop for a moment, before another lie begins


These little women in the glitter and curls

They are the future, and some of them, they will rule the world

Not because they’re beautiful, not because they’re sweet

But because they are driven and mature

the world will fall at their feet


So let’s stop the beauty shaming, let’s halt the drama 

And before we say it’s the makeup, hair and clothing that ignite the issue let’s put a comma,

While winning trophies for being photogenic is not something in with which I can agree

We need to stop marginalizing events like these, making them pay the entire fee

for what society and pop culture have done to perpetuate these unrealistic standards

Choosing to wear lipstick should not be the thing that is getting slandered


Presenting yourself the way you feel powerful is a choice

And nobody should be hushing anyone’s creative voice

While you don’t need the fluff and frills to be a strong woman

Spending cash money on materialistic things that end up costing millions

 You have a right to your individuality, a right to your body

And feeling strong in the color pink does not make you a Barbie carbon copy


So next time I put on a face mask or dye my hair blonder

Spending an hour under a heated blow dryer because it makes me feel stronger

Wearing a tight skirt and some kickass heels

Planning out my diet because I like organized meals

I shun all the shit talking, I disregard your gossip

Because that stuff hurts, and honestly, it’s so toxic

To all the mean girls in high school, and the boys who called me a slut

I’m not even going to tell you to shut the fuck up


Because this beauty shaming goes farther than pageants, it goes farther than me

This is something that needs to be addressed to the highest degree

So take a moment to meditate on your own bullshit before you call me out on mine

I’m not too worried though, everyone will get what they give in time


Feminism does not need to advocate for how being a girl is all rainbows and flowers

But inherent “girliness” is certainty not not passive, self-involved, trivial or shallow

It is time to reclaim agency over our bodies and lives

In the name of empowerment, in the name of whats right       

So bring on the tiaras and the pink feather boas

Respect has been lacking, so it’s time that you showed us

the admiration we deserve, the regard that is ours to receive

And the next time you tell me “I’m acting like I girl”

I’ll take, and leave

Because to me that’s a compliment of the utmost respect

And it’s not okay that the world does not understand that yet