Dagmawit is about nine years old, and lives in Savannah, Georgia.  She is homeschooled by her two parents, Margie and Kevin, who also both work at the local health food store, Brighter Day.  Brighter Day has been in business since 1978, and you can often find the original owners hustling and bustling around the small, “mom and pop shop”. 

Margie and Kevin adopted Dagmawit from Ethiopia when she was about four years old.  She did not speak any English when she came to the United States, nor did she have a birth certificate.  Five years later, she is a bright, young, American girl, on the brink of teenage hood, articulating herself in a manner that most adults do not even know how to achieve.  Mature beyond her years, Dagmawit can be found exploring the world of her quaint backyard with an inquisitive mind and eager eyes.  She would like to be a Herpetologist when she grows up.

 I have investigated Dagmawit in her space, documenting her interactions with the people and world around her.   Interested in our pre-conceived notions of people or situations, compared to their realities, I have chosen a girl between the phases of childhood and adulthood to document- a brilliant Ethiopian girl, turned American- and explored the conversation that they generate.

The intent of this project is to continue the documentation of Dagmawit throughout the span of her life.  Observing her relationship with the circumstances at hand, and recording her development into teenage hood, and eventually adulthood.